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K9 Nutra Is Now ANUBIS LABZ!

Dear Friends

Welcome to Anubis Labz! We want to sincerely thank you for your patience over the last few months while we implemented all of our improvements. It was a large undertaking but it has been well worth the effort and investment.

There is much more material that will be added to the site over the next few weeks. For our initial launch, we prefer to limit the content as we review the performance from the increased server load. Please pardon any small issues you may experience and we assure you we are working diligently toward 100% implementation before the end of November.

A brief note regarding Rewards Points from K9 Nutra - all points have been transferred over to your new account. It now costs about 1/3 the points to earn a reward as before so your balance has been adjusted down to reflect the new structure. We did not take away the redemption power of your prior rewards :-)

Well without further delay, here is a brief overview of the many upgrades you will encounter with our new website. Thank you again for your patience and your support as we continue to grow our business to better serve dogs and dog lovers throughout our Great Nation and across the globe.


- Team Anubis


New Website:
This website is completely new for us from the ground up. Built for faster page viewing, responsiveness on mobile devices and ease of navigation. It looks great too!


New Customer Service System:
One of our biggest goals when creating Anubis Labz was to incorporate an advanced customer support system. This new system streamlines our service by coordinating multiple comm channels and feeding them into a single point of contact. Response times to support requests are dramatically improved.


New Loyalty Rewards Program:
Join The Pack! Our new “Pack Rewards” program has been redesigned to allow for easier interaction and redemption of discounts. The program is now upgraded to include VIP Tiers and there are specific reward discounts exclusively for AutoShip subscriptions as well.


New Product Packaging:
We have upgraded all of our powdered product packaging to Resealable StaFresh Pouches. The change to pouches streamlines production and reduces costs compared to bulky, plastic containers. Additionally, there is much less impact on the environment with pouches as the cost to transport the packaging in bulk has about 1/15th the impact as our previously used plastic containers. Scoops are still included inside :-)


New / Upgraded Products:


The only change to the formulation of our Pancreatic Enzymes has been the addition of our new Probiotic Formula. This is an upgrade from the previous formula that only container L. Acidophilus. PANKREATYN™ contains the SAME USA Enzymes as before and the potency is unchanged.
*Note: 8 oz PANKREATYN is on the way and we expect it to arrive back in stock in late December.

Pancreatic Enzyme Price Increase: Since we first started selling pancreatic enzymes, we have always made every effort to keep prices as low as possible. If you are one of our long term customers, I think you would agree we have had few price increases over the years and even then they were minimal. We also implemented the previous rewards program to provide additional discounts and savings on all our products including pancreatin. Unfortunately with the ever increasing costs of business operation, especially shipping costs, we needed to increase the price by approximately 6% on all sizes. The bulk discounts do remain in effect. Thank you.


FORTIZYME™ is an improved digestive enzyme product similar to our previous DIGESTIPRO and is available in the store now.


Our new probiotic formula will be progressing to packaging within the next 7-10 days and we expect it in stock in late December. More information to follow…


Our new joint support formula is in the final testing stages and we expect and we expect it in stock in early to mid January. More information to follow…


Upgrade Warehousing and Order Processing:

All in stock orders placed by 1:00 PM EST are now shipped the same business day. You will find a countdown clock on each product page which will show you the live deadline for the day’s cutoff. We continue to explore other improvements in an attempt to decrease transit times as well.


And More To Come!


Information, suggestions or opinions about canine nutrition or general canine health contained within this website are not intended to be, nor should they be interpreted as, veterinary medical advice and should not be used to contradict or replace the expertise and judgment of your veterinarian or any other veterinary professional.


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